March 23, 2014

An Undefined Obsession

I've had such fun creating my own stamps with the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit that I ran out of rubber!  While I wait for my refill kit to arrive, some of my stamping friends forwarded their convention freebies so that I could keep playing.  It's so nice to have friends that understand my rubber obsession!

Since I've been with the Postal Service for a year now, I celebrated by creating the postal eagle, as suggested on my Facebook page I've managed to lose 40lbs this first year, so I really am celebrating! The cute little push pin was inspired by this one on Pinterest

My boys are so fascinated with this whole process, they are over my shoulder watching me (since they are still a little young to be playing with sharp tools).  I was so happy when they were able to recognize what I carved, especially after I realized I had been working without my glasses (which I'm apparently still not used to wearing)!

I'm a little stumped on what to carve next.....what would you suggest?

Happy Carving!
Cristy Butzen

March 15, 2014

Do You DARE!?!

While Stampin' Up! has offered personalized stamps for some time, they've recently upped the game!  You could now customize a monogram stamp or better yet - design and carve your own one-of-a-kind stamp with the Undefined Kit

Don't be intimidated; I've been playing with this kit all week, and am totally addicted!  (Good thing there are refills available.) 

This is my latest creation: a "digital" display-type letter/number doohickey (I'm sure there's really some techie name for it, but who cares?)

Anywho.... with a handy dandy Stamp-a-ma-jig and a marker, I was off and stamping!  I love how a less-than-clean stamp leaves a little ghosty image like a real digital display!

Here's some other Undefined stamps I carved up this week.  I thought Grumpy Cat could've looked a little grumpier, but he was my first attempt at stamp-carving, so go easy on me!

Now the burning question: If you could create any stamp - what would it be/say?  It's not as hard (or expensive) as you think ..... I dare you to try it too!

Happy Stamping!
Cristy Butzen

February 23, 2014

Paper Pumpkin Refigerator Banner

What do you get when an airplane and a pumpkin crash into a fridge?

How about the cutest refrigerator ever?!?

The Paper Pumpkin kit from July was the inspiration and base for this project.  The mini clothespins and banner in the kit reminded me of a project I saw on Pinterest

Believe it or not, I found all the supplies needed in the craft warehouse that is my basement!  Starting with the directions I found, I made a few slight changes, such as using Washi Tape, and of course the Paper Pumpkin kit.

These monthly kits are such fun to play with!  While the kits are normally a surprise, and cannot be ordered after release, right now there is a special opportunity for Paper Pumpkin subscribers to order previous kits and this is one of them!

If you want in on the fun, just pop over to the Paper Pumpkin page to get started!  Every kit includes the stamps, ink, paper and embellishments you'll need and is delivered right to your door.

Happy Stamping!
Cristy Butzen

February 21, 2014

Magnet Magic!

Do you have a refrigerator full of those magnetic sports schedules, calendars or whatever?  If not, you might want to search some out after seeing what you can do with them!

You know, these ugly things?  How about adhering them to the inserts your Framelits come on, to make your storage magnetic!  I like to use a metallic permanent marker to write on the magnet the number of framelits in the set.

Now that you've done all your Framelits up right, what to do with the rest of those magnets?

Well, you can adhere your favorite Designer Series Paper using Adhesive Sheets, then die cut them to make your own (much cuter) magnets! 

A few helpful hints:
 - adhere paper to the "printed" side of the magnet. 
- I found some magnets were thicker than others - thinner is better for Framelits, and of course the steel rule dies can cut "anything".
- Layer larger framelits to create photo frames (like the red heart above).
- Pester your husband to bring home his old sports magnets.  Trust me, he has some.

Happy Stamping!
Cristy Butzen

February 18, 2014

Paper Pumpkin REFILLS Are Here!

While I'm waiting for this month's Paper Pumpkin kit to arrive from Stampin' Up!, I've been cleaning up a few of the kits I hadn't gotten around to yet.

This kit was the one for January.  The cut-out cards and sticky embellishments were lots of fun to play with.  There are instructions included if you like yours to look like the pictures, and I usually start with one or two done the "right" way, then play with the rest.

This next kit was from December, and I loved the little garland so much I didn't want to use it!  I was so glad to hear that (while supplies last) we can order refills or extra kits!  If you missed out on a past kit, I'd be happy to order it for you if it's still available.

So I only used one of the 5 strands of garland so far, and this is what I've done with them...

I have a bit of a wait for this months kit, since I needed to update my account info, but I have 4 more garlands, and a few other extras to play with.  I've seen the February kit, though, and I'm so excited with the direction Stampin' Up! is taking - including changing the stamps to photopolymer!

If you'd like to learn more about getting your own monthly Stampin' Up! kit delivered right to your door for under $20, check out the Paper Pumpkin website, or chat with me here by leaving a comment, below.

Check out my Paper Pumpkin Pinterest Board for more inspiration!
Previous Pumpkins for sale while supplies last!

Happy Stamping!
Cristy Butzen
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